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Due to COVID-19 our lobby is CLOSED and we are suspending all showings until further notice. We are still taking calls and addressing emergency work orders as quickly as we are able to, but understand some vendors are currently not taking calls. If you will be having difficulty making rent payments we are requiring the following documents: 1. A letter from your employer stating you are unable to work. 2. Proof that you have filed for Unemployment. Once we have received the documentation above, we will submit the information to the owner for special arrangements on your April payment. Please be extra cautious about what you are flushing down your toilets and putting down your drains, as you may be held responsible. We understand this is a difficult time for many, and appreciate your patience as we all try and work through this together. Thank you from Brenda, Christine and Aimee at Pueblo Properties

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With over 18 years of experience, we have developed a formula that works for associations, boards and homeowners. As a result, our company boasts one of the lowest client turnover rates in the industry.

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Pueblo Properties employs a dedicated staff of property management professionals.

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We strive to deliver unsurpassed customer service. We have a steadfast commitment to respond and address client demands effectively and swiftly.



We are a property management company offering hands on responsive management services for single-family homes, condos, commercial buildings, and multifamily buildings.

Our property management team is experienced to deal with all of your leasing and management needs. If you need an expert manager to help minimize the threats of being a property owner, you have made the right choice in selecting Pueblo Properties!

We understand the property market here in Pueblo and the surrounding area and we will effectively market your property to lessen the vacancy duration and maximize the rental amount.

We have policies in place with meticulous renter screening procedures. We review a prospective tenant's credit history, verify current employment and rental history and thoroughly screen for past evictions.

Keeping a high quality tenant includes providing excellent client services and making certain your property is in its finest feasible condition at all times. When we have a fantastic renter in place, our target is to keep your tenant for as long as possible.

We provide month-to-month statements, yearly records and pay our owners promptly.

Our lease collection policy is difficult, however fair. We aggressively accumulate month-to-month rental payments and are not scared to pursue renters for non-payment and to shield you and your property.

We abide by all government, state, and local legislations. We take the landlord/tenant rules really seriously and are constantly supervising the legislations that govern your rental property.